karl and paul, expostulating

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Thu Feb 20 06:09:22 UTC 1997

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:

> > Yes, but now that I've got the eBGP feed working I'm starting to do real time
> > spam reporting/detection that will cause third party unintended relays to be
> > disabled while a spammer is still trying to use them.  Not everyone wants to
> > spend that 30 seconds, and if we don't make spamming even less profitable
> > than it is now, you'll be spending that 30 seconds 15 times per hour, 24x7.
> Nonsense.  Why not distribute the "block the SMTP port" list instead?

Anybody who wants to do a little gated hacking can take Paul's eBGP
feed and export it to sendmail rather than using it to blackhole the

> The point is, you can do that, hurt the spammers even more, and still find
> ways to distribute the file (it IS only a flat file Paul) on an automated
> basis, rapidly, if you want.

It's really the choice of the recipient of the data what they want to do
with it. Paul just creates the list, he doesn't force anyone to accept
the list or use it in a specific way.

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