karl and paul, expostulating

Daniel Simms dsimms at alink.net
Thu Feb 20 05:55:30 UTC 1997

>>>>> "KD" == Karl Denninger <karl at Mcs.Net> writes:

  KD> or a 421 error, which keeps the spam at the source (loading the
  KD> spammers mailserver -- a GOOD thing!)

Are you joking?  There's not a spammer alive that uses sendmail or
something that would similiarly requeue on temporary failure.

  KD> Much more elegant, in my opinion.

Assuming that 'sendspam' would actually maintain a queue.  

Paul's solution has its own elegance: raising the price for allowing
antisocial behavior from bounced email to partial loss of
connectivity.  But like Paul said, raising the stakes like that just
invites someone to try and one up him.

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