Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

Rusty H. Hodge rusty at hodge.com
Wed Feb 19 01:58:51 UTC 1997

At 4:44 PM -0800 2/18/97, Matt Ranney wrote:
>Don't get me wrong, if NSI isn't getting paid to keep all those
>domains in the database, then they shouldn't be there, but it doesn't
>seem like as big a problem as Karl is making it out to be.

NSI's bookkeeping is so confused, they're really not sure who has paid and
who hasn't. From what I can tell, they are only deleting domains that
haven't paid in about 6 months AND do not have authoratative nameservice
working. And it appears of that domain has a registered nameserver in its
namespace, then even if the nameserver isn't responding it does not get

My theory is their database is so screwed up and in such a fragile state,
they're scared to make any big changes to it. Removing a domain with a
registered nameserver in it seems like it is a "big change".

Add the the fact that they are showing non-payment for many domains that
have actually made payment, they don't want to shut off the domain while
trying to sort out the paperwork.

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