Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

Chris Russo crusso at alink.net
Wed Feb 19 00:08:01 UTC 1997

At 5:23 PM 2/18/97, Karl Denninger wrote:

>What do you think happens to the nameservers on the net when they're asked
>for a domain that doesn't have functional servers, and they sit and churn
>trying to resolve the names?
>BTW, churn is the right word.  Its taking anywhere from 5-10 *seconds* to
>come back as NXDOMAIN on each request for those that fail to resolve, and
>this is from the IANA roots.
>This IS a functional problem - and worse, all those non-existant zones and
>the VM churn they generate on the COM TLD servers is probably the REASON
>that we're looking at this kind of horrid performance!

Churn shmurn.  Those domains are probably ones that have been paid for (to
the InterNIC), but aren't yet being used.  Who's accessing those unused
domains and doing all this needless churning?  We should find 'em and
string 'em up.

Seems like most of the churning would be caused by spammers and testers
like yourself.

I'd be interested in seeing actual machine statistics on how much
performance degredation can be attributed to lack of responses.  Without
those statistics, I can't see how the InterNIC fees aren't covering this

As was mentioned before, you shouldn't have to pay an ISP to have a domain
name reserved.

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