Unsubstantiated Rumor - this is not simply about RBOC ISP Tariff

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Tue Feb 18 07:59:20 UTC 1997

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, David Holub wrote:

> A broad FCC interpretation of the 'Act' with regard to regulations concerning
> what 'Interconnection' is among 'Carriers' could be of operational benefit to
> many on this list and we need to make that clear to our future regulators. 

You really should go to http://www.fcc.gov and read some of Reed Hundt's 
speeches concerning the Internet. You are headed 180 degrees opposite
of where the FCC is currently headed. And this discussion really does
belong on com-priv at lists.psi.com where FCC issues are regularly discussed.

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