Unsubstantiated Rumor - this is not simply about RBOC ISP Tariff

Tim Salo salo at msc.edu
Tue Feb 18 05:53:59 UTC 1997

> a) The "free peering" relationship is directly analogous to a "bill & 
> keep" interconnection relationship between traditional telephone companies.

I suspect that "directly analogous" is neither a legal nor a regulatory

> b) Under the Communications Act of 1934 As amended by the Telecommunications
> Act of 1996 ("Act"), "telecommunications carriers" are under obligation to
> interconnect "with the facilities and equipment of other telecommunications
> carriers..." (Act, Sec. 251 (a) (1)

It may be worth your while to learn what a "telecommunications carrier"
is.  (I rather doubt that you are one.  I also rather doubt that the
people you want to peer with are either.)

The telecomreg mail list might be a useful place for you to explore this topic.


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