New Root Name Servers

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Tue Feb 18 02:38:08 UTC 1997

Code-Z authenticate.

Code-Z authenticate!

Michael, you have failed to authenticate in the proper manner.
You have leeekd sekrit senstiv blaq haqr no-how to the lamerz.

You will be terminated.  The helicopters have been instructed
to remove you and the rest of them.

Ehud, speaking for the cabal.
(That's the One TRUE Cabal-64 btw)

>In <01BC1CE4.1C6C1DA0 at>,
>Jim Fleming <JimFleming at> wrote:

>> The U.S. Government via their NSF/InterNIC has been
>> actively blocking the development of competing TLD
>> registries by preventing companies from having entries
>> in the Root Name Servers they operate.

>Indeed, the US Government has been actively conspiring with Paul
>Vixie, the IAHC, the U.N., the World Bank, and the Freemasons to
>quash the AlterNuts, the ROOT{64,128}, and everyone else you'd
>care to include in that group. Rumor has it a fleet of black
>helicopters is enroute to Toronto to silence Eugene Kashpuref
>(and to drop Bob Allisat in the nearest river). For verification
>of all of this, see the seekrit encrypted instructions on the
>back of the nearest Federal highway sign.


>Michael Handler <handler at>                        Washington, D.C.

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