NANOG Summary

Jim Fleming JimFleming at
Mon Feb 17 23:46:09 UTC 1997

Here is a summary of recent events on NANOG
regarding Root Name Server problems.

1. People are complaining about Root Name Server
	corruption, etc.

2. Some people hypothesize that people unhappy
	with the IAHC outcome are causing trouble.

3. During that discussion, someone noted they could
	not get to the server run by Paul Vixie.

4. I asked if Paul "filters" traffic to that server. No answer.

5. A few people tried to twist that and to take a simple
	question regarding filtering and make more
	out of it. Paul finally sort of admitted that
	he filters a small percentage.

6. I summarized the situation and noted that the IANA
	and Network Solutions were making changes
	to the Root Name Server arrangements and
	suggested, that could be the cause of the
	problems noted in #1 above.

7. George Herbert claimed these changes have
	corrupted the H root server and that these
	changes should cease and desist.

8. I pointed out that Jon Postel (the IANA) is making
	those changes.... there is silence at NANOG...I guess all of the
Root Name Server problems have either disappeared
or have been solved....

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