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On Monday, February 17, 1997 4:41 PM, Jim Fleming[SMTP:JimFleming at] wrote:
@ On Monday, February 17, 1997 4:04 PM, George Herbert[SMTP:gherbert at] wrote:
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@ @ >Also, is it possible that the recent problems NANOG
@ @ >people have been discussing regarding Root Name Servers
@ @ >is really the result of these transitions to TRUE Root
@ @ >Name Servers ?
@ @ 
@ @ If whatever you are doing, however you are implimenting it
@ @ for whatever reasons, caused corrupted data in
@ @ and the subsequent failures, then you are a menace to the network
@ @ and should cease and desist activities.  You have clearly stated
@ @ that your servers don't carry the .com domain directly; if you do
@ @ something which crashes the servers that do carry .com you will
@ @ likely find yourself sucking air over your ether pipes.
@ @ 
@ @ You could, of course, merely be confused about what happened a
@ @ few days ago.  I would hope this is the case.
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@ @ 
@ @ -george william herbert
@ @ gherbert at
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@ @ It's time for another run of my occational disclaimer:
@ @ I have not been a CRL employee for over 2 years now and in no way
@ @ am associated with it at this time except as a end-user of shell
@ @ account services.
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George...this may help...

Do you want Jon Postel to "cease and desist"...?


Subject:      two new root only servers
From:         postel at ISI.EDU
Date:         1997/01/22
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We are exploring the possible evolution of the root servers to machines
independent of and separate from the servers for any particular TLD. As
a first step, a new version of the root zone is now available with two
additional servers.



There are now two more root servers root servers serving ".". The names
of these two machines are:

The latest root servers list will be found at:

  MD5 ( fca1cea22445a95ac66c50d58d345d35

These machines are temporarily housed at NSI till their suitable home
is found. Two additional machines will placed temporarily at ISI in the
very near future. All four will eventually be moved to various
international locations that are "close" to the center of the internet.
All four new machines (j, k, l, and m) will only run "." in a
non-recursive mode.  This is being done as an experiment with running
"." on separate machines from the existing iTLD's.


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