Sprint traffic

Michael S. Ramsey msr at interpath.net
Mon Feb 17 20:15:38 UTC 1997

<from whois on sprintlink-dom>

   Alternate Contact:
      Sprint Network Info. & Support Center  (SPRINT-NOC) 
 noc at sprintlink.net
      (800) 669-8303

HOWEVER, if you are not a client, tell your provider. That will allow
equally technical people to talk and get things resolved as quickly as
possible. They are going to want to know what you did to get this

Just looking at it, and not knowing from where you are getting this, it
may be normal. Pings are a low priority for most hardware, and are subject
to being dropped.

Finally, this is a forum for discussing North American Network operations,
not operations within a provider. I would always suggest going to your
upstream provider first for operational difficulties. That is what you pay
them for.

network operations

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