F means filtered ?

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Mon Feb 17 00:48:56 UTC 1997

It seems to me, Jim, that a reasonable person would assume that he allows
access to the services that it's supposed to provide (DNS), but reserves
the right to 'F'ilter services that are immaterial to the DNS functionality.


> Btw,
> > Root nameserver F is not reachable from my network.
> I can't imagine why that would be so.  Against my better judgement,
> I permit both traceroute and ping to this host.
> @@@@@@@@@@@
> Paul,
> Are you saying that you never "filter" packets from
> selected networks...?...thus, denying service to
> people trying to access the "public" Root Name
> Server that you operate...
> ...and also denying access to http://www.cix.org
> Does the F stand for "Filtered"...?

> Jim Fleming

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