Peering Agreement Difficulties

Eric D. Madison madison at
Fri Feb 14 22:36:16 UTC 1997

Please don't post stuff like this on NANOG.  This is not the place to
publish such things.  

And to add my two cents, a lawsuit will not cure your peering problems.  It
will only cause more companies to deny you peering.


At 01:45 PM 2/14/97 -0800, you wrote:
>To:     Internet Access Providers:			February 14, 1997
>From:   Internet Express
>	2350 Mission College Blvd., Suite 250
>	Santa Clara, CA 95054	(408) 982-8242   fax (408) 982-8249
>Dear Provider:
>	Internet express has experienced great difficulty in establishing 
>peering agreements with MCI, Sprint & PPN.
>	If you have also experienced problems in this regard, we encourage 
>you to inform us ASAP.  There currently is a class action suit in progress.
>	Please respond to rolf at

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