root server update

Bob Kupiec kupiec at
Fri Feb 14 22:24:03 UTC 1997

In article <199702140457.UAA08984 at> you write:
>After verifying that the only problem server remaining was H, we
>managed to track down the keeper of H around 20:15 PST, he had nameservice
>down at 20:39 PST and back running with correct results now at 20:47 PST.
>now, to add an infrequent check of the root nameservers to our homebrew NMS,
>so our NOC operators can see these things happen as they happen, not after
>the fact.

Should I even ask this?  Where is the Internic's NMS for the
root-servers to sound an alarm and get someone to act?

And don't let them say that the resources aren't there: "Seventy
percent of the [domain] fees collected will be retained by Network
Solutions to cover operating costs..."

                Bob Kupiec                         GES / WNA               Princeton, NJ

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