root server update

Matthew Kaufman matthew at
Fri Feb 14 23:55:33 UTC 1997


I suspect it would help some of us small incompetent ISPs if you could
provide a pointer to where *you* would have successfully found the NOC
phone number. That way we could all deal with problems right away without
adding more traffic to this list, and we could add this to one of these
"how to be an ISP" FAQs, too.

-matthew kaufman
 matthew at

Original message <m0vvShi-0007zZC at>
From: randy at (Randy Bush)
Date: Feb 14, 10:49
Subject: Re: root server update
> > So now everyone will start sending test DNS requests to the servers
> > and overload them even further.
> What do you expect for folk who call people at home because they can't
> figure out how to call a NOC?
> Welcome to the new "I am sooooo important that thinking is not required"
> internet.
> randy
>-- End of excerpt from Randy Bush

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