h.root-servers.net broken

Bob Kupiec kupiec at jvnc.net
Fri Feb 14 22:09:27 UTC 1997

In article <9702140044.aa12117 at sparky.arl.mil> you write:
>   The problem on h.root-servers.net is fixed. Temporarily lost the COM
>zone. Situation Normal: All Fixed Up. :-) Thanks for reporting the problem.
>If you have any more problems, please report them to our operations staff
>at (410)278-6829 or (410)278-6642. They'll contact me at home.
>					James Fielding
>					<jamesf at arl.mil>

Do you know during what time period that you lost .com?  I first
noticed it a few minutes after noon EST and the problem seemed to be
corrected around midnight EST.

It would be nice to know during what time I can attribute yesterday's
problems to a root server failing, and not to my DNS servers failing.

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