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Scott Reubelt sreubelt at
Wed Feb 12 20:48:30 UTC 1997

Comdisco is a good place to start, a re-seller of most all equipment.

Scott F. Reubelt

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> This is probably not the best place for this, but is vaguely an ISP
> operational issue:
> We are moving in a few weeks to a bigger building, and were going to
> change over from the usual separate wire lines to trunk-side T1s.  The
> original Bell South quote was only $100 a month cheaper (including our
> own extra equipment costs amortized over 3 years), but every little bit
> helps.
> When we went to make the order today, Bell South suddenly changed its
> mind, forwarded us to a different person, and the new quote is _exactly_
> the same per T1 as 24 separate lines, plus a much heftier installation
> charge ($5,100 versus earlier $2,750), plus our extra equipment costs.
> Phooey.  Nothing doing.  These costs are already twice as much as
> Ameritech (where I live, and which I always thought overpriced).
> So, we are looking very hard at the new FCC regs on unbundling.  We will
> be very happy to offer combined telephone and internet service for the
> same rate (or less) than Bell South is charging for phone alone.  The CO
> is only 2 blocks down the street.  Our customer base is about 1/16 the
> residences, and 1/4 the Chamber of Commerce businesses in this small
> town, and we are adding 100 a month.  But....
> We are totally clueless in the phone vendor business.  Anybody know
> where to find our own switching equipment?  Any other hints?
> Heck, while I'm at it, where do I find out about ADSL equipment?
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