Paul A Vixie paul at vix.com
Wed Feb 12 20:53:30 UTC 1997

> Bill,
> It appears that (postal.atlanta.net) may be blackholed.
> We were getting used to relay spam until a couple weeks ago when we
> worked in some sendmail filters to block use as a relay...
> -Dorn

I have no idea why you took this to NANOG but since you did, I'll tell
you publically that what happened was that the problem was name service
rather than mail relaying:

	softcell.com.   172800  NS      NNTP.ATLANTA.NET.
	softcell.com.   172800  NS      POSTAL.ATLANTA.NET.

	NNTP.ATLANTA.NET.       172800  A
	POSTAL.ATLANTA.NET.     172800  A

The domain contacts at Atlanta.NET did not answer their mail.  If you can
let me know that this pure-spam organization is no longer a customer and
that you are not helping them to send me trash by selling them name service
I will remove the blocks instantaneously.

Sorry to bother NANOG with this.  (Can we take it offline?)

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