Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

Alec H. Peterson ahp at
Tue Feb 4 14:02:30 UTC 1997

On Feb 4, 1997, Jeff Young wrote:
> i, for one didn't understand the request.  
> hypothetically,  if mci enters into
> an agreement with MAE E/W to allow a list of mac header addresses
> to have access to our port on a gigaswitch, what reason is there
> for MAE E/W to share that list with anyone else?  if there is no
> peering arrangement between two networks you could assume that the
> the mac header of one network's interface isn't on the list, right?

I think what would be equally as useful (and would not disclose
peering arrangements) is a list of ports that have filtering in place
(this assumes that everyone will not be filtering, which is not
necessarily a good assumption).  That way, if an ops person cannot
access a port, she/he can check if filtering is active and go from


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