Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

Jeff Young young at
Tue Feb 4 13:27:16 UTC 1997

i, for one didn't understand the request.  

hypothetically,  if mci enters into
an agreement with MAE E/W to allow a list of mac header addresses
to have access to our port on a gigaswitch, what reason is there
for MAE E/W to share that list with anyone else?  if there is no
peering arrangement between two networks you could assume that the
the mac header of one network's interface isn't on the list, right?

Jeff Young
young at

> I din't see an answer on this one....
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> >> In response to requests from several customers for a filtering solution
> >> at MAE EAST and MAE WEST, MFS WorldCom is developing an automated
> >> system to enable ISPs to control traffic destined for their own routers
> >> and networks.
> >
> >Are you going to post the list of permitted/denied addresses?
> >
> >Operationally it would be *very* useful to know what addresses are
> >blocked.
> >	--asp at (Andrew Partan)
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