Internet vs. Telephone company

Allan Chong allan at
Tue Feb 4 09:24:37 UTC 1997

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> existing lines turned on anyway).  They refuse to let us co-locate in
> the CO (they cannot find an official policy, and thus cannot allow
Colocating in a CO is kinda difficult with good reason.  They have to
power for you (and internet equipment draws a lot more power than
used to) and the whole issue of access is difficult.   Given that you're
internal or on their approved list, you'd probably have to be supervised
while in the CO.  Even the interexchange carriers tend to
maintain a minimal amount of equipment in the CO and typically have an
adjacent building for their stuff.

There is just a whole lot of open card racks, large bundles of cable,
and other
stuff that you wouldn't want anyone wandering around near.

I know 2 people (at small companies) that have succeeded in getting
run out to their location and the lines broken off there  It was about
a racks worth of telco equipment (locked) in their facility.  It really
local loop installation.  You might want to pursue this.

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