Internet vs. Telephone company

Brian Tackett cym at
Mon Feb 3 21:36:57 UTC 1997

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Tim Brown wrote:

> They're also looking at deploying it in parts of Missouri.  IMHO, the cost
> is perfect (at least in MO), but I'm leery of the telcos having that much
> control over the network.  Also, I hear L2TP is better than L2F, but

And the telcos have no control of the network now? Let's see....if
Ameritech is doing repair on voice equipment, and some ham-handed tech who
just started yesterday destroys one (or more) of our DS-1' more
connectivity to that customer, or possibly (if he hits enough of them) to
anyone. I agree that it would really be nice to have 100% control over
things, since unless you do you can't really and truly PROMISE any kind of

P.S: I'm not implying that Ameritech (or any other telco) is
incompetent....only that there *IS* an unavoidable danger of service
disruption by accident. 

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