Internet vs. Telephone company

Tim Brown tbrown at
Mon Feb 3 20:03:56 UTC 1997

>>Check out a product called 'Internet Thruway" that routes a call based
>>on the Called Number. The idea is for telcos to implement this product
>>as a back-end to their access network so calls being made to a Thruway
>>provider never reach the voice network. It is instead sent (via IP and
>>L2F) directly to the ISP's network. SBC is already committed to
>>deploying this in parts of Texas.
>It's a partial solution and expensive to implement. The data calls still
>have to go through at least the first voice switch.
>But it would be nice to receive packets rather than switched circuits
>and avoid the cost of building so many dial POPs, if the price is right.

They're also looking at deploying it in parts of Missouri.  IMHO, the cost
is perfect (at least in MO), but I'm leery of the telcos having that much
control over the network.  Also, I hear L2TP is better than L2F, but
haven't read the drafts.

Anyone want to back me up on this line of questioning?


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