Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

Sherman Tuan stuan at
Sat Feb 1 04:57:34 UTC 1997

> Entirely agreed.  On the other hand I have what is turning out to be a
> unique (here) point of view about this.  I don't want to prevent this
> kind of theft -- I want to discover it, and remove perpetrators from any
> IXP where they try it.  I don't want to block it.  I want to ensure that
> it is never tried twice.  I appear to be in the minority wrt this view.

Well, you are not alone;  you have my vote. The basic philosophy behind
my vote is: "no matter how you lock a door, there is always a way to
open it". In fact, the best way is  to have no door at all. Zero
tolerance of theft behavior at IXP is the most sound deterrent. Let's
give them the keys and dare them to be discovered! 

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