Internet vs. Telephone company

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Sat Feb 1 01:30:46 UTC 1997

A couple observations:

1.  Local and Long Distance phone companies stand to gain the most from
the current Internet growth frenzy, yet seem to be the quickest to try
to slow or defer its growth...They have the luxury of having enough a
buaracracy surrounding them to play both ends AND the middle.  One
cannot say that they haven't profited from their
in infrastructure is simply par for the course when providing network

2.  If they are NOT careful, TCI/@Home will have their lunch.  Although
ADSL may be viable, its cost model still looks high to the consumer when
positioned against cable modems, and would offer no real tangible
difference to the casual end user.  

My wish is that they begin to understand this at a macro level....

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>An interesting article was posted by the Seattle Times yesterday, it's at:
>This was the Jan 30, 1997 issue. In it, Diedtra Henderson writes:
>"US West serves 2.2 million customers in Washington state and spent $340
>million improving its phone system here last year, a spokesman said. The
>company blames a meteoric rise in Internet use for its phone-service woes.
>"For the next five years we are in big trouble. There is no clear,
>intelligent way to expand the phone system to handle the Internet
>demands," said Lu, who expects metered Internet access in the future - in
>other words, you pay by the hour. "
>My question is:  Have other people heard of similar attempts by the
>telephone companies to have "metered Internet access"?  It seems they
>would need a hardware level signal analyzer on their switching equipment
>to differentiate between voice/data.  Does anyone know by what means such
>a technology could be implemented?  What would be the legal ramifications? 
>Also do people agree with the claims that our local lack of available
>phone lines is due to Internet usage or just to lack of foresight in
>growth management decisions?
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