Internet vs. Telephone company vs. cable company

Tony Torzillo torzillo at
Sat Feb 1 00:57:31 UTC 1997

I've wondered if the recent advent of cable modems could change our entire
Internet/telecommunications strategy.  Provided that the cable network
becomes widely available, more internet users would shift from using
telephone lines for access to cable lines.  Couple that with the use of
the internet phone, and the phone line would only be necessary for
communicating with non-internauts.  I can see a number of ramifications
for this - companies making money from long distance usage would be rather
upset - and backbone providers would have to upgrade existing circuits to
handle the increase in traffic. Anyone have thoughts/comments in regard to
this as well?

Tony Torzillo
Network Specialist, UW Network Operations Center, 543-5128
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On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, David Schwartz wrote:

	More than anything, the problem is due to a flat-rate monthly
pricing plan for calls which are increasing in both number and length.

	David Schwartz

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Tony Torzillo wrote:

> My question is:  Have other people heard of similar attempts by the
> telephone companies to have "metered Internet access"?  It seems they
> would need a hardware level signal analyzer on their switching equipment
> to differentiate between voice/data.  Does anyone know by what means such
> a technology could be implemented?  What would be the legal ramifications? 
> Also do people agree with the claims that our local lack of available
> phone lines is due to Internet usage or just to lack of foresight in
> growth management decisions?

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