Attack of the Killer Spam

Adam Rothschild asr at
Wed Dec 31 02:41:18 UTC 1997

> OTOH, if Earthlink (or whomever - Earthlink is just an example, here) points 
> its customers towards something like for SMTP relay, see
> below....

They run their own SMTP relays... some sort of round robin setup, servers
named after different countries of the world.  So, the ball is in their
court, so to speak.

> Take a look at somebody like Xcom (hi, marty!) -  I'm not 
> affiliated with them in any way, but it looks like what they do may be useful.
> A Layer 2 approach means that you can assign only _your own_ IPs to dialin
> customers, which cuts out the aforementioned Radius cross-reference.

That's certainly an idea worth considering, if you are not distributed
accross a gazillion Ascend MAX TNT units (for UU anyways, duno what PSI
uses.. anyone?)...

But I digress...


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