route ingress

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Dec 30 20:11:00 UTC 1997

> however, when you set up BGP peerage with somebody, you're at the mercy of
> whatever level of selectivity they use in their injections.  that is, most
> folks do not use RPSL or the PRDB or whatever to control what they'll listen
> to from a BGP peer.  the assumption of trust and competence still runs high
> among people who speak BGP to each other.

only among those who have not been burned.

> so the question that's got me perturbed at the moment is, if a spammer
> wanted to spam from unallocated address space using five minute windows,
> would YOUR routing core allow it?  subquestion 1: if the spammer is your
> customer.  subquestion 2: if the spammer is a customer of one of your BGP
> peers.  subquestion 3: if the spamemr is a customer of a distant
> BGP-connected AS.

no to all, of course.

filters are your friend.  filters are your friends' friend.


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