Automatic filtering - CISCO, you should think about this...

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Mon Dec 29 16:09:28 UTC 1997

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On Mon, Dec 29, 1997 at 08:24:49AM -0600, Phil Howard wrote: 

	[about auto-inbound filter]

	IMHO, the best place for this sort of filter is on dialup servers,
	to stop the 31337 kode weenies with their little lunix boxen hosing

	This would be things like cisco's 5200 access servers,
	ascend's max and big ugly boxen (GRF?),
	livingston portmonsters and USR^H^H^H3COM total(ly out of)control.

|We should all ask our Cisco sales people if "default auto-inbound-filter"
|will be in all shipped IOS versions by, say, 2Q98.  If they can't say "yes"
|then grill 'em and leave the impression you'll be looking at other products
|in 2Q98.

	my cisco sales person would need re-education first.

|And if you have Ascend sales people calling, ask 'em the same thing.  Same
|for anyone else.  For example I have a 3com salesman constantly checking up
|on how happy I am with my Ascend MAX's.  I know what I'll be asking him on
|his next phone call.

	I asked USR for this feature back when we were just starting BETA
	testing of TC chassis. (March) Nothing since then.

	I believe I worded it like this:

	I'd like an automatic filter on my dialups that will drop anything
	that isn't sourced from an address that you have given it.


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