smurf, the MCI-developed tracing tools (was Re: Bogus announcement)

Phil Howard phil at
Mon Dec 29 14:12:13 UTC 1997

Alex P. Rudnev writes...

> What are you talking about? If they have NETFLOW switching and NETFLOW 
> accounting, it's easy to search for the router originated for the 
> SMURF/initialised packets (this packets can be searched by the such list, 
> or by the simular search pattern):
>  xxx permit ip any log
> And then it takes 5 minutes to look for the originating interface.

Yeah.  And that leads to another router, then another, then another.
How about automating the process.  That's what it looks like DoStracker

As was pointed out to me, if I have just one or two routers or one or
two links into the Internet, then I can easily find where the attack is
coming from.  But if I have a large complex network ...

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