Bogus announcement of by AGIS - CLEARED

Phil Howard phil at
Sun Dec 28 07:27:36 UTC 1997

Reid B. Fishler writes...

> Karl, not to make excuses for goodnet, but neither Sprint nor ANS had too
> much 
> of a clue when i contacted them about this either...Upstreams need to pay
> attention,
> and inform the level 1 staff (the people who pick up the phone) to take
> immediate
> action and not a ticket on a DoS.

IMHO, they need to also open the ticket, and the tracking system needs to
be able to compare tickets for patterns in attacks if the people can't.
But DoS definitely needs expedition w/o exception.  This needs to be
integrated into the level 1 training (they do get trained, don't they?).

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