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At 02:39 PM 12/27/97 -0800, Network Operations Center wrote:
>	Hello Karl & All,  Where or at what price are these tools
>	available.

MCI's tracing tool, DoSTracker, is available- free of charge - at MCI's
Security Web site; .  Please
let me know if you have ANY problems with it.  Keep in mind that it
was designed with specific operating conditions in mind; mostly that you'll
need a tool of this nature to trace denial of service attacks (of a 
wide variety) across a backbone that you own, in order to find it's
ingress point.

If you're a single-homed end customer (AND you have a small internal 
network), DoSTrack isn't going to be a very worthwhile tool for you.

>			Tia, JimL
>PS:	In a further responce Karl was heard to say :
>> The bottom line is that MONTHS after these were made available your NOC
>	I never heard nor was made aware that these tools were available,
>	even though I am an MCI Customer . :-(

Sorry - Identifying the specific and correct contact within all our end
who would be interested in such a tool is a difficult task (and I don't
make it a 
habit of sending unsolicited commercial email messages, even if they are
to our customers :> ), which is why discussion lists of this nature where
and DoSTracker was announced on this list.  

Feel free to visit; and, which
should provide you the type of information you are looking for, and is 
regularly (?) updated.


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>On Sat, 27 Dec 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:
>> On Sat, Dec 27, 1997 at 01:24:05PM -0500, Reid B. Fishler wrote:
>> > Just thought that I would post that as one of goodnet's larger
>>>customers (DS3), we are 
>> > VERY satisfied with their NOC, as well as their service. Whenever I
>>>have a problem, I 
>> > can get a member of the goodnet staff to respond quicker than my
>>>other upstreams...:-)
>> > (hint Sprint)
>> > 
>> > Reid Fishler
>> > Lightning Internet Services, LLC
>> Wait until you get smurfed and ask them to use the MCI-developed tracing
>> tools and get a "duhhhhh" back in response.
>> They might have fixed this by now (since we bitched LOUDLY about this)
>> as of a few weeks ago the NOC had *no idea* how to trace this kind of
>> activity - at all - nor any desire to learn.
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