smurf, the MCI-developed tracing tools (was Re: Bogus announcement)

Pete Ashdown pashdown at
Sat Dec 27 22:20:39 UTC 1997

Phil Howard said once upon a time:
>> 	Hello Karl & All,  Where or at what price are these tools
>> 	available.
>> 			Tia, JimL
>> PS:	In a further responce Karl was heard to say :
>> > The bottom line is that MONTHS after these were made available your NOC crew
>> 	I never heard nor was made aware that these tools were available,
>> 	even though I am an MCI Customer . :-(
>Same here.  Are they free or do they cost money?
>People want the tools.

"DoSTrack v2.0
 1997 MCI Telecommunications

Code is available at:

DoSTracker WEB PAGE is at"

However, I was unable to get this to function properly with my Cisco.  It
never got past the "Password:" prompt.  Any ideas?

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