Bogus announcement of by AGIS - CLEARED

Karl Denninger karl at
Sat Dec 27 17:29:22 UTC 1997

On Fri, Dec 26, 1997 at 08:20:55PM -0700, Darin Wayrynen wrote:
> > 
> > I *DID* open a trouble ticket BEFORE posting.
> There are no trouble tickets in our ticket system opened by either
> yourself, any of your employees, or any of your downstream customers
> for the past few days.  In fact, there were very few tickets opened at
> all.
> Do you have a ticket number?
> > If you are THIS disconnected from what goes on in your own company, perhaps 
> > we need a new upstream provider.
> Actually, you know that I'm not disconnected from what goes on in this
> organization.  I see every ticket that is opened, worked on, and
> closed, which is why when I read about your situations on the Nanog
> mailing list rather than our internal email system I get concerned that
> something is amiss, and check out the ticket system myself.
> Darin
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That's ok Darin.

Copies of the email from your NOC people who were working the issue, and
ultimately resolved the issue, will be attached to our cancellation - since
you persist in calling me a liar in public.

If you wish to discuss this put your *President* on the line with me Monday
morning by 10:00 AM.

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