Whoa; the 3 network?

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Thu Dec 25 19:13:15 UTC 1997

>> At 9:02 PM -0500 12/23/97, Randall Pigott wrote:
>> >Look, gang, the reason to do a public ping is that in the last analysis, GE
>> >only needs public IP addresses for those infrastructure machines that need
>> Some people block ICMP, but have a lot of other direct internet access.
>> This sort of test only gives one an initial set of questions to ask. It
>> does not answer those questions.
>> Don't kill the investigator yet.
>> And of course, this is a moot issue when one is paying for address space.
>> 		--Dean
>Careful- if you start saying "you can have whatever you pay for", Microsoft
>may hear you........:)

Hmm. Perhaps we could make a killing by cornering the IP Address market...

I wonder how long before IP Addresses are traded on the commodities market...


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