Impact of paying for address space

Chris Portman chris at
Wed Dec 24 02:14:32 UTC 1997

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, Adam Rothschild wrote:

> Think of what happened way back when, when InterNIC began to charge for
> domain names.  I for one was outraged at first, and then calmed down and
> learned to "bite the bullet", as did many others...

In retrospect, I believe Internic's decision to control the flood of
domain registrations has turned out to be a positive one.  Charging for
address space, on the other hand, is a seperate issue.  

Domain name registration is something that, as many are sure to agree, was
being abused.  Address space tends to require a more formal request,
including justification, and (the discussion of GE's and's aquisitions aside), I feel those delegating address space try
their best to insure delegations aren't abused.  I'm confident others have
had their address space providers demand CIDR be well implemented before
they receive any address space.

Address space is, IMO, something that shouldn't be charged for, but should
instead have procedures in place to insure those requiring additional
space do, in fact, require it.


-Chris Portman

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