Whoa; the 3 network?

Wayne Bouchard web at typo.org
Wed Dec 24 03:18:41 UTC 1997

> Right, but since each border router off of the public Internet can't 
> advertise anything smaller than /24 (would *your* router accept an 
> advertisement for, each seperate office needs at least a /24.
> Yeah, NAT can take care of the internal addressing, but you're still stuck 
> with the fact that you "only" can have 256 seperate border routers.

Well, figure that there is going to be some level of proxy service
going on for those who do access web pages and whatnot so its unlikely
that there would be less than a class C used at each location in
actuallity. Plus figure that the only thing that needs to be visible
is the /30 allocated from the upstream for the link, technically,
there doesn't need to be *any* public addresses in an office.

Not to discount valid use of addresses, simply pointing out that if
one wanted to restrict themselves, its quite possible. I doubt anyone
would want to put themselves through this in the real game, but...

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