test Nets being routed?

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Wed Dec 24 02:33:58 UTC 1997

At 8:14 PM -0500 12/23/97, Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:
>You remind me of something I've been hunting for, which I think is relevant
>to a lot of operationally related educational examples.  Are there prefixes
>that are likely to stay unassigned for the moderate to long term, other
>than the RFC1918 group?
>If I'm showing how to use a NAT with private address space on one side and
>registered space on the other, I'd like to use some "safe" prefixes on the
>public side that are NOT from RFC1918.  Is there some block likely to stay
>with IANA?  Or possibly some space assigned to the military and likely to
>stay in a secure network?

Egads.  This is just like the old pre-configured sunos IP numbers. That was
part of the reason for RFC1597 anyway.

Here's what I do: use another RFC1918 net for demonstration (try a class A
number so it looks different) and pretend its routed.  It doesn't
(shouldn't) matter to the NAT.  If you aren't connected to the net, it
doesn't matter anyway.  If you are connected to the net, then use the
actual assigned network number, and have a real demonstration.


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