Impact of paying for address space

Dean Anderson dean at
Wed Dec 24 02:10:43 UTC 1997

At 8:29 PM -0500 12/23/97, Adam Rothschild wrote:
>Think of what happened way back when, when InterNIC began to charge for
>domain names.  I for one was outraged at first, and then calmed down and
>learned to "bite the bullet", as did many others...

Way back when? I still think that's recent history...

Anyway, it didn't do anything to reduce the number of domain requests.
Like 800 numbers, I think the price will continue to go up. Then after IPv6
is finally deployed, (if it doesn't get too complicated and fail like
certain other good, but unmanagebly complex technologies)....  Someday the
price will come down.  For now, companies that have to have it, *have* to
have it.  They will pay whatever it takes, and charge more for their

>However, looking at the high fees imposed by ARIN for address assignment,
>I really hope this practice will not remain in its current form.  As
>anyone can clearly see, the fees are extremely high, and will surely cause
>a raise in costs that are incurred by the end user in one way or another.
>Put simply, I would LOVE to hear some justification for the high fees
>imposed by ARIN (in terms of administrative work on their end that is, not
>considering the whole scarcity of addresses factor).

Justification? Well, there's the porche, the boat, the lear jet.
Maintenance is expensive...  And people will pay the price for address
space. Its a scarce resource. Its no longer a government run operation.
Now you can empathize a little when government workers are forced into the
business market. ;-0


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