Impact of paying for address space

Paul Ferguson ferguson at
Wed Dec 24 02:01:59 UTC 1997

At 08:29 PM 12/23/97 -0500, Adam Rothschild wrote:

>However, looking at the high fees imposed by ARIN for address assignment,
>I really hope this practice will not remain in its current form.  As
>anyone can clearly see, the fees are extremely high, and will surely cause
>a raise in costs that are incurred by the end user in one way or another.

Listen, many of us have already lived through the e-mail Jihad on
the ARIN mailing list, so I really don't want to see this thread
perpetuated here. Please, subscribe to the naipr list and have a
blast, but please, not here.

I would suggest that you take a little time, read the 'recommended
reading' list assembled on the ARIN web pages, surf the naipr
mailing list archives, etc.

I would also suggest that you examine the fact that the Internet
community in the European (RIPE) and Asia Pacific (APNIC) communities
have been living with similar *service* models for a few years.

>Put simply, I would LOVE to hear some justification for the high fees
>imposed by ARIN (in terms of administrative work on their end that is, not
>considering the whole scarcity of addresses factor).

They are a not-for-profit organization which must be self-sustaining.
'Nuff said.

Happy Holidays,

- paul

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