Impact of paying for address space

Philip J. Nesser II pjnesser at
Wed Dec 24 01:14:26 UTC 1997

Phil Howard supposedly said:
> With there being a fee structure coming into place for obtaining address
> space, businesses are going to end up being more conservative with their
> space requests.  Maybe.  I suspect many will.  If you expect to assign
> a /17 worth of space over the next year, why ask for all /17 of it now.
> Why not get a /19 each quarter as needed.  With the fee structure in
> place, there would be less panic about space becoming too scarce.
> Now if this does take place, and I believe it will although I am not sure
> to what scale, that will mean that each business and ISP will have more
> smaller prefixes.  That means more BGP announcements and larger tables and
> an impact on routers.
> Thoughts?

This assumes that ARIN won't be giving you /19 out of a reserved /17 (or
/16) and then giving you the other half of the /18, then the other half of
the /17, etc, so all you need to do is change your prefix length not the
number of announcements.

Also your plan doesn't work so well, since ARIN will be charging you a
member ship fee based on your expected *yearly* allocation.

--->  Phil

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