Whoa; the 3 network?

Philip J. Nesser II pjnesser at martigny.ai.mit.edu
Tue Dec 23 19:20:49 UTC 1997

Roy supposedly said:
> A few years ago, I was surveyed by the Internic as to utilization of
> space that I owned in a former job.  I offered to turn back portions of
> the space (several class "B" worth).  I was never contacted again.

Returning space is easy.  If it is "legacy" space just send do the
following:  (From RFC 1917)

4.3 How to Return a Block of Address Space to the IANA

   Send the following form to Hostmaster at internic.net & iana at isi.edu,
   changing the $NET_PREFIX to the network being returned.


   Please update the contact information on the following net as

   Netname: RESERVED
   Netnumber: $NET_PREFIX

     Reynolds, Joyce K.  (JKR1)  JKRey at ISI.EDU
     (310) 822-1511
   Alternate Contact:
     Postel, Jon  (JBP)  POSTEL at ISI.EDU
     (310) 822-1511


If it is from a block of addresses assigned by RIPE or APNIC send it to
their hostmaster at ripe.net or hostmaster at apnic.net

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