Agenda topics so far

Susan R. Harris srh at
Mon Dec 22 19:16:27 UTC 1997

Greetings - here's what we've lined up so far for the February NANOG.  Are
there other topics you'd like to hear about?
	- "Technical Considerations in Preventing Mail Abuse  (Spam)"
	   Presentation and open discussion, Paul Vixie, Vixie Enterprises

	- "Squid Caching Update," K Claffy, NLANR

	- "IPv6 Solutions/IPv4 Issues," Christian Huitema, Bellcore, &
	   Yakov Rekhter, Cisco

	- "Monitoring your Network with Freely Available Statistics
	   Reporting Tools: An Overview," Stan Barber, Academ Consulting

	- "ARIN Update," Kim Hubbard, ARIN

	- "Recent Events in Inter-Provider Multicasting,"  
	   Dave Meyer, Univ. of Oregon

	- "Multihoming: Problems and Solutions from the Customer
  	   Point of View," Howard Berkowitz
	- "BGP 101:  An Introduction to the Border Gateway Protocol"
	   Paul Ferguson, Cisco

	- "Routing Gotcha's to Watch For,"  Avi Freedman, Net Access
	- "Using BGP Communities and MEDs With GateD,"  Sue Hares, Merit

PS - the NANOG registration staff is on vacation until January 5, so
please hold your cards, calls, and letters until then.  (Web registration
will stay open during the holidays ...  :)

	--Susan Harris

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