Traffic Engineering

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Wed Dec 17 01:31:34 UTC 1997

In message <199712162008.PAA15876 at>, Curtis Villamizar writes
> The only real problem you can run into is if someone is boneheaded
> enough to misconfigure their routing to do per prefix load splitting
					     per packet
> across WAN links or worse yet across providers.  Again, such people
> don't deserve to stay in business (since *all* TCP traffic from their
network will suck), but they do exist.  The common newbie mistake is
> to configure per prefix load split among two default routes.  Westnet
> used to do this many years ago.  Some small network in Florida did
> this more recently.
> Curtis

Minor correction but big difference in meaning.  Per prefix is fine.
It is per packet load split that causes trouble.,


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