NANOG 12 Announcement

William B. Norton wbn at
Mon Dec 15 22:54:17 UTC 1997

Hi all -

We are all set now for NANOG 12. NANOG 12 will be held Feb 8-10 hosted by
iHighway in Albequerque, New Mexico at the Crowne Plaza Pyramid hotel.
Please see the NANOG web pages ( for registration
pages, meeting details, local host information, etc.  More information will
be put up as it becomes available.

We are constructing the initial agenda as we speak.  Please send e-mail
(wbn at,srh at if you have agenda suggestions.


PS: I'm told there is good skiing near by...Perhaps we can get a small
group together for a couple days of skiing before or after NANOG?  We need
to find a skiing affectionado/volunteer to take the lead to organize this
(hint..hint).  An alternative would be a trip down to Roswell to see the
alien artifacts ( I'd
vote skiing, but then, I'm part of the conspiracy ;-)
William B. Norton	<wbn at>		(313) 764-9430

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