hwb's IETF mpeg animations now available from www.caida.org

k claffy kc at nlanr.net
Sun Dec 14 23:43:24 UTC 1997

(sorry for list rep)

we did a presentation on some AS adjacency and
address space data at IETF. 
keywords: collaborative data collection,
visualization, insight, systemic perspective,
rational global engineering, cool pix

non-keywords: anything political, legal,
financial, or o/w offensive/loaded




you really want a real mpeg_play
before you even think about this endeavor
all relevant links you need are there

we have the full movie there 
(62MB of 640*480 and no audio,
turns out james earl jones was booked), 
or the individual pieces with file size noted and 
linked to text explanations of how data procured/processed
(including processing source code)
and what implications 
to (not necessarily) draw from it

also we're trying to get a smaller 320*240 
version out soon (for slower machines), 
but enough people wanted this asap that we 
thought we'd better make what we have 
available and add as we get more

(in other words, wouldn't even try current version 
without a > 200Mhz box, and even with that it won't
run at full speed.  if you're so handicapped
do have patience for a day while he pumps
out the lite version)

feedback more than welcome
but please be gentle
you wouldn't believe 
how much work this took


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