Cisco Vip Cards.

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Dec 10 21:50:18 UTC 1997

> We have seen situations under heavy load where a VIP2-40 with an OC3 
> running at 80% and a Fast Ethernet PA running at 50% have resulted in 
> severe packet loss and latency. After addressing this with our Cisco reps 
> (including the Product Manager and Product Engineer for the 7513/VIP 
> family) they acknowledged the problem and stated:
> "We do not recommend putting any other PA into a VIP2-40 if an OC3-PA is 
> already installed. We have seen adverse performance, in the way of latency 
> and packet loss, resulting from such a configuration. Customer's choosing 
> to do so, do so at their own risk".

This is not equivalent to

>>> Cisco will not support multiple PA's within a VIP2-40.

My memory is that Cisco does not support use of two 'high speed' PAs in a
single VIP2/40.

I also wonder how you got a POS and anything else in a VIP, as the POS is
secured in and uses both holes.  Was it ATM-Lite or something kinky?


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