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Wed Dec 10 21:15:11 UTC 1997

Noemi Berry wrote:
> >    Our nets *Scream*.
> >
> Another question, in response to another email you'd sent to NANOG
> and I subsequently deleted:


> You mentioned that your ATM switch at MAE-EAST supports CBR, VBR-RT,
> VBR-NRT and UBR.  What ATM-connection type do you use to connect peers?

   Well at MAE-E , FDDI ;) (We have a pending deal to move some exchange
to direct ATM OC-3/DS3, to route around the MAE)

   However, passing back into the our national fabric, we tend to run
VBR-NRT, with
a few UBR's, and a few RT-VBR tunnels.

> Actually, I'm probably misunderstanding what you use your ATM switch
> for.  What is its function at the NAP, anyway?

   It becomes an Exchange Fabric in and of itself. See Ameritech VNAP,
and OneCall's IndyX

> very curious,
> noemi
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> Noemi Berry
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