Cisco Vip Cards.

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Be careful. Cisco recognizes that VIP2-40's with OC3-PA's and any other PA 
co-habitating the VIP card will cause problems (packet loss under peak 
conditions). This is due to the huge overhead the SARing takes on the VIP's 
CPU. Cisco will not support multiple PA's within a VIP2-40. This is the 
primary reason they came out with the VIP2-50.


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> I just have a quick qustion.
>     I'm in the process of determining weather or not to purchase several
> VIP cards and modules for a few 7513's I have at remote locations
> accross the United states.  I spoke with some friends I have at cisco in
> referance to known related problems with the VIP cards (according to
> cisco there were close to non) but I am interested in some input from
> people who are already using VIP cards on 7513's.
> Thanks,
> Rob
We have VIP2-40s running all over our network
with various port adapters (OC3, 8port serial etc)
and have had no problem besides flakiness when
we first implemented them.  Everything is working
well now.

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