Problems with specific routing policies for each exchange point

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Fri Dec 5 21:05:37 UTC 1997

In message <19971031020322.AAA5387 at>, Mark Tripod writes:
> I ran in to a little problem yesterday with my peering sessions wih the
> various route servers around the country. The problem was that I was not
> receiving routes from particular ASNs anymore. With a little help from Jake
> at Merit we were able to pinpoint the problem in my rs-in configuration. It
> seems that I was importing two different AS macros that each referenced the
> other (AS-GENUITY and AS-NAPNET). This created a loop in the macro parser
> on the route server which in turn nullified my routing policy.
> I was wondering if anyone else had come across this little phenomenon.
> Mark Tripod
> Senior Backbone Engineer
> Exodus Communications

We use different code that has loop suppression.  It remembers each
as-macro it has visited in an expansion and won't reenter one it has
already been to.

We've seen this quite a few times in the past.


ps- catching up on nanog noise

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