caching at windmills (i mean exchange points)

Ton Verschuren Ton.Verschuren at
Wed Dec 3 08:58:11 UTC 1997

==> From: Randy Bush

| > I read your proposal an have a question. I assume that your MAE-west 
| > cache will act as a parent for the MW ISP's (otherwise, there's no data 
| > in the cache). That means that all outbound traffic from MW is routed 
| > through your cache, isn't it? That also means that e.g. all 
| > transatlantic traffic will flow through your lines. Or am I missing 
| > something?
| You are not differentiating between an proxy cache and an interceptor
| cache.  The NLANR cache is a proxy cache.  Clients/peers/children must
| consciously point at it.

I know. Still, for a cache to fill it has to fetch docs and thus act as 
a parent. If the NLANR cache acts as a parent for all MW connected 
ISP's than *all* misses from those ISP's get routed through the NLANR 
cache and for the transatlantic traffic the lines of NLANR's ISP will 
fill up. No?


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